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Vínbúðin Þórshöfn moves

Vínbúðin in Þórshöfn has now been moved into new and better housing on Langanesvegur 2. The store is now considerably larger and brighter with excellent access, and the product selection has also been increased.

Wine categories

Here on our website, the wines are divided into categories by its characteristics, to help you find the right wine for you.

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The origins of the deilicious Spanish dish tapas is not quite known, but the most likely explanation is that when wine was served in Spain, a slice of bread or thin meat was placed over the glass to keep the flies away. This is not an unlikely explanation since the word 'tapas' is derived from the Spanish/Portuguese verb tapar, 'to cover'.

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Put the dates, blueberries, water and rosé in a pot. Boil for 10 minutes, then mix together well in a food processor. Season with salt and lemon juice and keep until the sauce reaches room temperature.

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You can buy alcohol in Vínbúðin Alcohol is not like any other product on the market. Therefore the operation is based on clearly defined responsibilities and on the fact that we do not strive to maximize the profits or encourage sales within the stores.