Visiting Iceland

Visiting Iceland?

Visiting Iceland?

You can buy alcohol in Vínbúðin

Alcohol is not like any other product on the market. Therefore the operation is based on clearly defined responsibilities and on the fact that we do not strive to maximize the profits or encourage sales within the stores. 

Nordic alcohol monopolies play an important role in achieving this goal.

We believe that restricting retail sales of alcoholic beverages is an effective way to reduce harmful alcohol consumption. In all Nordic countries, except Denmark, State owned monopoly companies hold the sole rights to the retail sales of alcoholic beverages.


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The Nordic way in a nutshell:

  • State-owned stores with a patent on retail sale of alcoholic beverages
  • Limited access; few outlets, restriction on opening hours and preventions regarding home-brewery
  • Regulations to prevent young people or obviously intoxicated individuals from buying alcohol
  • Do not strive to maximize profit
  • Neutrality in brand marketing; no product is favored over another
  • Restrictions on advertising and marketing
  • ...see more about the Nordic way in a booklet


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