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ÁTVR's climate goals

The World Meteorological Organization warns that the climate is changing fast. Governments, businesses and the public therefore must take strong countermeasures. ÁTVR is one of 103 companies involved in an ambitious project by Festa and the city of Reykjavik to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimize negative environmental influenses by targeted measures.

ÁTVR will show its corporate social responsibility by:

  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • reducing waste
  • implementing sustainability in business processes
  • measuring the results and providing regular updates on the status of the above factors

40% decline in car emissions

The goal of ÁTVR is to reduce the use of automobiles as well as to use the most environmentally friendly cars that will be available in the future. The aim is to reduce emissions by 40% by the year 2030 compared to 2015, about 3.2% per year on average.

ÁTVR is offsetting all direct emissions. Because the flight is purchased from a third party it creates a positive carbon footprint

Waste - 98% recycled

The long-term objective is a 98% recycling rate by 2030.

The waste that derives from ÁTVR operations was 300 tons the year 2015. The goal was to recycle 90%  and it was achieved  with 90.3% being recycled. 

This year (2016) the goal is 91% and we have achived that goal the first six months (jan-jun).

Almost 30 tons were buried in 2015 with related climate pollution. If the goal of 98% recycling rate is achieved in 2030, the waste going to landfills will be 8 tons. Emissions of CO2 equivalents from landfill will go from 23 tons to 6 tons, 8% per year on average.