Sleppa valmynd og fara beint í meginmál

Security and data protection on Vinbudin’s website

Cookies and their use

Cookies are small pieces of text stored on user’s computer or device when visiting Vinbudin’s website. By accepting the use of cookies the user agrees to allow Vinbudin to collect information regarding the visit. The purpose of cookies is to analyze the general traffic on Vinbudin’s website to facilitate development and help improving user experience and service.
Vinbudin’s website also utilizes Third-party-cookies, including cookies from LiveChat, Vimeo, YouTube and Google Analytics. Third-party-cookies originate from other domains than the one being visited.
The cookies of Google Analytics, for instance, enable Vinbudin to monitor traffic on Logged information includes time and duration of visits, source of traffic, type of user’s device, browser, search strings and operating system. Users can, of course, adjust their browser settings to notify of cookies or reject them altogether, see information on settings.
LiveChat is the website’s web chat and enables Vinbudin to maintain customer communication, logging contact details, date and time of communication.

On YouTube and Vimeo can find information about the main campaigns that the ÁTVR has conducted, independently and in collaboration with others.

SSL certificate

The website uses SSL certificate that ensures that communication is encrypted, increasing the security of data transfer.

E-mail, comments and inquiries

ÁTVR is obligated to keep records according to the Public Archives Act 2014 No 77, and is therefore unauthorized to eliminate data unless permitted by the National Archives of Iceland. The obligation entails handing over all documents and information to the National Archives.