Sleppa valmynd og fara beint í meginmál

Import of alcohol to Iceland

Does ATVR import beer?

Import for personal use

Who can import alcohol?


Pricing of alcohol in Iceland

Alcohol and packaging deposit


Faulty product and return of unopened goods

Damaged goods

Returns - unopened products



Do you sell non-alcoholic wine?

Where can I get information on in which Vínbúðin store a particular product is available?

I live abroad but want to send my friends a bottle of wine, is that possible?


Delivery and collection of orders

Product that is unavailable in Vínbúðin - Special orders

Can I order alcohol that is not available in a smaller wine shop?

Online store

Can I see the selection in each Vínbúðin store?

What if the product I want is not available in my Vínbúðin store?

Ordering online


I live abroad but want to buy Icelandic snuff, send you abroad?

Damaged or defective tobacco

About tobacco

Job applications

How do I apply?

Where can I buy beer kegs?