Sleppa valmynd og fara beint í meginmál


Seven pick up points in addition to Vínbúðin stores


In our Webshop you can order products and have them sent to your nearest Vínbúðin store - free of charge. You can also use the service of same day pickup at our warehouse in Stuðlaháls if you order before 2 pm. In the product list here at you will find the entire selection of products available, but it is also easy to special order the products that are not in our shelves.

Þorri seasonal beer 2024


Friday, January 26th, marks the beginning of the traditional Icelandic season Þorri. During that time it is custom to get together and eat traditional food, such as meats pickled in sour whey. Usually it is enjoyed with Þorri beer or Brennivín.

Happy holidays!


We are closed on Dec. 24 and New Years Eve as it is illegal for wine stores to be open on sundays.  All opening hours for the holidays can be found here.

Vinbudin on social media


We love sharing knowledge and experience with our customers. Therefore we have opened our social media platform. You can find us under the name on Instagram and Vínbúðin on Facebook.

Womens strike


On Tuesday, October 24, there will be a nation wide women's strike. This will impact some Vínbúðin stores. All stores in the capital area will be open, but reduced service can be expected. However some smaller stores will be closed.

Christmas beer available from 2. November


The sale of Christmas beer and other Christmas products will start in Vínbúðin on Thursday, November 2nd. Seasonal products are usually eagerly awaited, especially the Christmas products. Around 120 Christmas products are expected be available this year.

We now scan ID


An important part of Vínbúðin's social responsibility is to ensure that customers have reached the age of 20, and the staff is therefore trained to ask the youngest customers for ID. In collaboration with Stafrænt Ísland and the National Police Commissioner, a solution has been developed to scan electronic driver's licenses. Of course, it is still possible to use other traditional IDs or passports.

Arrangement of fees for quality control ruled illegal


The Ministry of Finance and Economy ruled today that ÁTVR‘s charging for the collection of alcohol samples for quality control was not based on the law. The fee was based on Article 43 of the product selection regulation, no. 1106/2015. "Due to quality control, ÁTVR is always authorized, at the expense of the supplier, to take a sample of a product from the product inventory or ask the supplier for a sample." ​The ministry's conclusion is based on the fact that there is no special authorization in the law for the charge prescribed by the regulation.

Pricing in Vínbúðin


ÁTVR's pricing of products in Vínbúðin is determined by laws approved by Parliament, as well as by regulations issued by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs. The law states that the markup of ÁTVR shall be based on the percentage of alcohol; 18% on alcohol with a 22% or lower percentage of alcohol and 12% if the percentage of alcohol is higher than 22%.

Coktail recipies