Sleppa valmynd og fara beint í meginmál


Remind our customers to bring the ID

Bad excuses. Once again we remind our customers to bring the ID. This campaign 'Bring your ID - not an excuse' encourages people to show the ID instead of making lame excuses regarding how they lost the ID.

Do you put whatever in your mouth? Chewing tobacco is disgusting!

In this campaign the goal is to raise awareness of the harmfulness of the chewing tobacco.

Don't be a pig, drink responsibly

The campaign „Don‘t be a pig“ has been very well received. The goal of the ad is to focus on negative aspects of excessive consumption of alcohol. It’s pointed out that when people drink excessively they sometimes behave in a way they wouldn‘t when they are sober.

Multipurpose every day

ÁTVR is proud to be a leading company in environmental responsibility and focuses on offering range of environmentally friendly options.

Wait - bring your ID

Campaign with the title „Wait – please bring your ID“, the aim of which is to draw attention, in a positive way, to the age limit to purchase alcohol and encourage young people to show ID at their own initiative.