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Weight of packaging

Product packaging makes a difference in climate issues

ÁTVR, together with sister companies in the Nordic countries, has had the environmental effect of product packaging and its carbon footprint investigated. According to the results of the studies, the effects are as follows for packaging. The reference volume was 1 l. 



Lightweight is significantly more environmentally friendly than standard glass

The environmental effect of 750 ml lightweight bottles, 420 g or less, is much less than from conventional glass packaging. The figure is the equivalent of 525 g of CO2 per litre. Products in lighter glass can be found in our search engine and under a new label. There are already over 200 product numbers for red and white wine priced at less than ISK 2,500 in the product range. The carbon footprint of the packaging has been calculated and will appear on product cards.

In the future, a greater number of product categories will include this useful information in the fight against climate change. 

The lighter the packaging, the smaller the carbon footprint

A recent study carried out by the Finnish consultancy firm Gaia (PDF) reveals the carbon footprint of packaging and their environmental effects. A lifecycle analysis had previously been prepared to find the largest environmental effects in the product range. The new report also takes into account the raw materials used in the packaging and risk analysis relating to recycling and waste.

For consumers who wish to make environmentally friendly decisions, it is a good idea to remember that the lighter and more recyclable the packaging, the smaller the carbon footprint.