Sleppa valmynd og fara beint í meginmál


Wine Consulting

The wine consultants at Vínbúðin can provide good advice on what wine goes well with what food. The following stores have wine consultants: Heiðrún, Kringlan, Álfrún, Skútuvogur, Eiðistorg, Skeifan, Akranes, Akureyri and Austurstræti.

If you need recommendations regarding wine for your event look at: Wine for Events

World Class Wine School

Vínbúðirnar have in recent years operated a wine school to increase employees knowledge of the product to be able to serve the customers even better. All employess in Vínbúðir complete a degree in oenoloy.

One of the most respected wine school in the world, WSET in London, has admitted Vínbúðin the qualifications needed to teach their advanced course. In Vínbúðir specialists have the knowledge to teach internationally recognized courses on the behalf of WSET. The goal is to offer high quality education and training in oenology. Vínbúðin now has several employees who have completed this international degree from WSET.