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Human Resource Policy

Excellent staff is the key to success. Our aim is to create a desirable workplace where communications are characterised by flexibility, knowledge and responsibility. We emphasise enabling our employees to develop and seek education which contributes to satisfaction at work and an excellent level of service.


Work environment

Our aim is to create a desirable workplace where the wellbeing of employees is our first priority. We do not tolerate discrimination and our employees enjoy equality and respect. We emphasise effective work processes, strategic distribution of information and cooperation. Executives serve as role models and build up a positive work environment which leads to successful operations. Salaries are determined in line with the equal pay policy.



We offer education in consistency with the various needs of employees. Well trained and informed employees guarantee diligent work methods and excellent service. We use technology to increase knowledge and improve work processes. We emphasise providing opportunities for employees to develop and encourage them to seek education.



Communications are open and characterised by a positive attitude, support and respect. We welcome new employees warmly. We have fun at work and take part in informative and entertaining events.

Our employees work in line with ÁTVR’s ethics code.


The policy is effective as of May 1st, 2020.