Sleppa valmynd og fara beint í meginmál

Wine for Events

Planning a big event?

It can be difficult to decide what to buy og how much to buy for the event. Our wine experts can help you choose the right wine for the party or simply for the dinner. They can also help regarding bigger orders. The wine experts that specialise in events are stationed in Vínbúðin Heiðrún, Stuðlahálsi 2. 

Companies or individuals can use this professional service, but its also easy to order smaller or larger orders here on the web. Here is event calculator which can help you to estimate how much wine is needed for various event.

Delivery and Returns

All orders are delivered from our warehouse, which is stationed next to Vínbúðin Heiðrún. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 8:30-12:00 and 12:30-16:00.  

Contact us or make an appointment

Wine for events is open Mon-Fri 11-17

+354 560 7730 / Fax +354 560 7706 /

You can order an appointment if you are planning an event. Just fill out the form below.

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