Special orders

You can buy specially ordered products in our web shop. The aim is to offer a diverse product range, with even more items than can be found in our stores.

Specially ordered products are indicated with an icon and customers have the option of buying them in combination with products that are already for sale in Vínbúðin.

Delivery time for specially ordered products may be longer, but no extra charge is taken for them. If an order in the web shop contains a product that is already available in Vínbúðin as well as a specially ordered one, the customer will receive two ordering numbers and has the choice to collect the orders together or separately.

Specially ordered products cannot be returned.

Any suggestions or requests for assistance can be sent to vinbudin@vinbudin.is


Here you can send an inquiry to Vínbúðin about a product that is not available in our product range. Please be as specific as possible to improve our chances of finding the product you are looking for. You will receive a response as soon as possible.
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