Sleppa valmynd og fara beint í meginmál

Tapas and wine

The origins of the deilicious Spanish dish tapas is not quite known, but the most likely explanation is that when wine was served in Spain, a slice of bread or thin meat was placed over the glass to keep the flies away. This is not an unlikely explanation since the word "tapas" is derived from the Spanish/Portuguese verb tapar, "to cover".

Another popular explanation is that when Alfons X was recovering from illness, he could only eat and drink little at a time. The king liked it so well that he suggested that his subjects adopted this way of dining as well.

To offer tapas with a glass of wine is in any case an old tradition that can be traced back centuries. It‘s become quite popular and restaurants offering tapas can be found all over the world. The variety of tapas dishes has grown as well and they are served hot, cold, fried, boiled or simply fresh.
What kind of wine should you serve with tapas? Naturally, the best wine to serve with tapas is Spanish with dry, chilled sherry being the most common pairing. Fresh and fruity Crianza red wine or a good white wine, such as from the Albarinio grape, also go well with many tapas dishes. Chilled rosé wine is also a good option.

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Júlíus Steinarsson