Sleppa valmynd og fara beint í meginmál

The first steps

The first steps

ÁTVR only buys alcohol from domestic suppliers. ÁTVR’s suppliers are by definition persons or legal entities that hold license for the wholesale of alcohol and have made a Supply Agreement of association with ÁTVR.

Alcohol wholesale license

A license is needed for importing alcohol for the aim of reselling, wholesale or commercial production. The license is issued by a district commisioner. Detailed information can be accessed at commisioner offices or by e-mail to
The alcohol wholesale license grants right to distribute products to ÁTVR and to restaurants and hotels. Only ÁTVR can legally retail alcohol.
Those who contemplate import or production of alcohol should bear in mind that an official authorisation from an appropriate district health supervisory authority is mandatory.

Supply Agreement

The bearer of an alcohol wholesale licence declares agreement on ÁTVR’s sales conditions by signing a Supply Agreement of association. The signed Supply Agreement has to be delivered to ÁTVR along with a copy of alcohol wholesale license or an alcohol production license.

Supplier website

When a Supply Agreement of association has been approved, suppliers are granted access to a special website, suppliers website. On this website suppliers can manage sales applications and monitor their progress, view sales figures on a daily basis etc.
Access to the suppliers website is by electronic certificate or Íslykill. This is to ensure that only the supplier or approved contacts can hand in applications, alter prices etc.

List of alcohol suppliers