Sleppa valmynd og fara beint í meginmál

Applying for alcohol vendor licence

Applying for alcohol vendor licence

Those with a valid alcohol wholesale license and a Supply Agreement – Agreement for the purchase of alcoholic berverages, can apply for products to be sold at Vínbúðin.


Applications for products to be sold are completed on the suppliers website.

Supporting documentation

Application must be supported by a product certificate and a product sample.
In the case of special orders a picture of the product is sufficient as a sample.


Product samples shall be delivered to the ÁTVR offices at Stuðlaháls 2, Reykjavík.
The sample must be a final version of both packaging and content. When relevant, outer retail packaging must also be delivered, for example if a product is displayed in a box or quantity packaging that covers inner packaging.
The minimum sample quantity is 500 ml. If the product’s unit quantity is smaller, additional units must be delivered until the minimum quantity is reached.
The sample is non-refundable by default. If the sample in question is of a high value, ÁTVR can return the sample.

Guiding opinion

TVR can be approached in advance,, for a guiding opinion on packaging and labelling, before handing in of a formal application. Samples, photographs or proofs can be submitted.

Product certificate

A product certificate can be delivered electronically with application or handed in at the ÁTVR offices. The following documents are normally accepted as product certificates:
- Producer’s specifications, see standards on product certificates.
- A chemical analysis report from a certified laboratory.
- A chemical analysis report from the producer.

Application fee

ÁTVR is authorised to collect application fee from suppliers in order to cover costs of registration, inquiries and other necessary measures by ÁTVR associated with adding a new product to stock.
The application fee is ISK 33,232, including VAT.

Exemptions from application fee

- Products that have been withdrawn from core category, temporary category and special category, but re-introduced within 12 months are not subject to application fees.
- Products that ÁTVR requests in order to enhance variety and quality of product range do not carry application fee.

Processing of application

The processing of application commences upon reception of samples and product certificate. The process is as follows:
Inspection of sample, regarding packaging and labelling.
Product cataloguing and photographing for the ÁTVR website,
Quality control, i.e. sensory check, inspection of product certificate and chemical analysis of sample.
The procedure normally takes about three weeks. If no remarks are made during inspection and quality check, the acceptance procedure begins.
If remarks are made, the applicant is informed that a decline is imminent and receives instructions on possible amendments.


The principal information that should appear on alcohol labels are:
I. Product name (legal denomination, a descriptive name or traditional name)
II. Alcohol content by volume (e.g. “11.5% vol.”)
III. Fluid volume (liter, centiliter or milliliter)
IV. Allergens or intolerance agents if present (e.g. sulphite, barley, wheat, eggs, milk, etc.)
V. The responsible party on the EEA (Name/corporate name and address or website)
VI. Information on best before date and/or expiry date if applicable.
VII. Production run – “lot number”.
VIII. Bar code (EAN/UPC)

Acceptance of application

When application procedure is completed without remarks and application fee has been paid the application is accepted.
ÁTVR decides the initial sale date of products. The decision is based on the waiting list of accepted applications for trial sale and the suppliers preferences. The sale of a new product normally begins 2-4 months following the date of acceptance.