Sleppa valmynd og fara beint í meginmál

Doing business

Regulation no. 1106/2015 with later amendments covers the relations between ÁTVR and suppliers. Delivery and terms of payment are stipulated in chapter VII, price variations are stipulated in chaper VIII and product variations in chapter II.

Selling a new product

First order
Suppliers can expect first order to be placed approximately a week in advance of estimated sale date. The quantity is based on the shelf space of trial sale outlets and the estimated sales for the first weeks.
The appropriate quantity of first order varies depending on price and product group, but could be around 600 bottles or cans of lager, 300 bottles or cans of other beer, alcopop or cider, 60 bottles of wine, 24 bottles of fortified wine and wine priced at over ISK 3000 a bottle, 16 units of boxed wine (BIB), 60 bottles of distilled liquor. The following orders are based on sales and demand.

Distribution of a new product for trial sales

A product that is approved for trial sales period is distributed to four outlets: Heiðrún, Skútuvogur, Kringlan and Álfrún in Hafnarfjörður.

Delivery to ÁTVR

Each product order shall be delivered to ÁTVR’s warehouse at Stuðlaháls in Reykjavík. ÁTVR can, however, under special circumstances make an agreement for delivery at other distribution centers at ÁTVR’s choosing. If the quantity of product delivered is greater than the equivalent of one pallet layer, the product shall be delivered on an EUR pallet. The value of pallets shall be included in product price.

Terms of payment

ÁTVR pays suppliers for received goods at the last day of each month or on the first weekday thereafter if settlement date coincides with a holiday. If a product in trial or period category is dropped from selection, the supplier shall reclaim unsold units and refund ÁTVR.

Price variation

As a rule, suppliers can announce price variations once a month. The new price normally takes effect on the first day of month and variations shall be announced on the supplier’s website no later than on the twentieth day of the month before.
Price variation of products owned by ÁTVR are subject to ÁTVR’s approval.

Product variation

The changing of a product from the approved sample is subject to ÁTVR’s approval. An application for a product variation is best sent by e-mail to and concurrently a sample of the altered product or a picture or a proof if the alteration is but visual. If ÁTVR receives an altered product that has not been approved, it can be rejected or reception delayed while the product is examined.