Import of alcohol to Iceland

Does ATVR import beer?

Import for personal use

Who can import alcohol?


Faulty product and return of unopened goods

Damaged goods

Returns - unopened products



Do you sell non-alcoholic wine?

Where can I get information on in which Vínbúðin store a particular product is available?

I live abroad but want to send my friends a bottle of wine, is that possible?


Delivery and collection of orders

Product that is unavailable in Vínbúðin - Special orders

Can I order alcohol that is not available in a smaller wine shop?

Online store

Can I see the selection in each Vínbúðin store?

What if the product I want is not available in my Vínbúðin store?

Ordering online


I live abroad but want to buy Icelandic snuff, send you abroad?

Damaged or defective tobacco

About tobacco

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