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Security Policy

We want to create a secure framework around the company's operations, assets and human resources. There should be contingency plan available relating to data and operational security, computer system operations, security of employees and the security of assets to ensure business continuity and to minimize all damage.


• Establish a wholesome environment where physical and mental health of the employees is secured with a well designed working environment and a motivation.

• To create a awareness of safety among the staff and the knowledge necessary to respond to unexpected incidents and any breach of security that may come up.

• Information should always be available and as accurate as possible and confidential information should only be available to those with specified authorization.

• Ensure continuity of major trading systems so that any disruption is identified within a well defined time frame.

• That assets is at all times protected against theft, burglary, fire, water damage, vandalism and other situations that may come up with approved methods.

• That laws on information security, fire protection and occupational safety is enforced at all times. 

The policy is in force from June 1st, 2019