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Human Resource Policy

We want to provide a dynamic fun workplace and aim to systematically increase our employees satisfaction.

We strive to give employees the opportunity to develop and learn new skills  as well as increasing the knowledge and power within the company.

We want our employees to enjoy growing with the company to give the customer the best services possible. 

Main Policy


We emphasize that all employees are respected and have equal status within the company. Active equality is ensured by all employees having the same wages and opportunities within the company. Bullying, prejudice and sexual harassment will not be tolerated.

Work environment

Our aim is to create a good and desirable working environment. We focus on building a working conditions and providing a equipment that  will enable the personnel to perform their job in the very best way possible.


We focus on hiring skilled and dedicated employees. We welcome new staff and experienced staff cares for training new employees.


We want to offer our employees competitive salaries where the remuneration is built on the employees performance, position and responsibility.

Career Development

We want to work systematically towards developing our employees with a robust education and training programs. Dissemination of knowledge to benefit both employees and customers is a joint venture of both staff and management.


We want the interaction among the staff to be positive and constructive. With good and open communication the company strives towards effective cooperation.


We want the management to be an exemplary and striving to build a positive working environment which leads to success in all operations.

This policy is in force from December 27, 2012