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Governmental policy on alcohol

Governmental policy on alcohol 

The Minister of Health has approved a policy until 2020 on alcohol and drug prevention. The policy covers consumption of alcohol and illegal drugs as well as abuse of prescription drugs which can lead to addiction and dependency.

Abuse of alcohol and other drugs has serious consequences for public health and is one of the main risk factors for poor health, premature death and the contraction of chronic diseases such as cancer and cardio-vascular disorders, according to a report accompanying the new policy. Overall alcohol consumption in Iceland is below the European average, and it seems reasonable to attribute this in part to the country's conservative alcohol policy.

Main goals in the alcohol and drug prevention policy until 2020:

  • To restrict access to alcohol and other drugs.
  • To protect groups at risk from the damaging effects of alcohol and other drugs.
  • To prevent young people from starting to consume alcohol or other drugs.
  • To reduce the numbers of people who develop dangerous habits regarding the consumption of alcohol or other drugs.
  • To ensure that those who have abuse or addiction problems have access to continuous and coordinated services based on the best available knowledge and quality standards.
  • To reduce health damage and the number of deaths related to consumption of alcohol, or other drugs, consumed by the individuals involved, or by others.

The whole policy is available on Ministy of Welfare website