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Equality Policy

 ÁTVR´s Equality Policy


All employees at ÁTVR should enjoy the same respect and have equal status within the company.

Purpose and Objectives

The goal of the policy is to promote gender equality, equal status and respect among all employees at ÁTVR  and the company puts emphasis on everyone enjoying themselves at the workplace regardless of gender, race, religion, age or residence. This policy is based on law no. 10/2008 on the equal status and equal rights for women and men in Iceland.

ÁTVR believes it is important to work towards a gender equality where all employees have the same opportunities within the company. Measures to counteract any disadvantages between women and men are in place.

The policy is in the Quality Manual and main  documents 1:01:06 Equal Rights, 01.01.12. ÁTVR Human Resources policy and 01.01.05 ÁTVR Code of Conduct.

Wage equality

Women and men should be paid equal wages and have the same terms for equaly valuable or comparable work. The criteria used for determinating wages should not include any gender differences. Employees can at any time disclose their wage term.

When deciding employment benefits the criteria should not constitute gender discrimination in any way. That applies equally to pension contributions, length of vacation, sick-leave or any other terms that can be measured in monetary terms.

ÁTVR has been awarded the Gold Badge of equal wages from PwC. The assessment analyzes the gender wage gap within the company and assesses whether a company pays both genders equal wages for comparable work. The company did not need to make any specific changes or improvements to receive the Gold Badge. The review analyzes the actual gender pay gap by taking into account the factors that most affect wages, such as education, age, seniority, job classification and working hours. To receive the Gold Badge, companies must have a 3.5% or less wage gap.

Gender equality should be evaluated in all recruitment and opportunities for training and career development. Gender equality should also be in working groups and committees within the company.

Coordination of family life

ÁTVR takes the necessary measures to enable both women and men to intergrate their occupational and family responsibilities. These measures should be aimed at increasing flexibility for instance when employees come back to work after parental leave or other absence from the work place. Employees should be able to organize the working time to balance work and family life and aim to systematically reduce overtime as much as possible.

Bullying and sexual harassment

All employees have the right to be treated with dignity. We emphasize that all employees are respected and have equal status within the company, both regarding equal wages and opportunities. Bullying, prejudice and sexual harassment will not be tolerated.

The definition of bullying and sexual harassment in Regulation No. 1000/2004, which states in Article 3 :

Bullying: reprehensible or repeated inappropriate conduct, i.e. act or a conduct that is likely to embarrass, belittle, insult, offend, discriminate, threaten or cause distress for those to whom it is pointed at.

Quality manual, response to bullying you can be found in documents 3:01:11.

Sexual harassment is defined as in Article 2. of the Act of equal status and equal rights for women and men no. 10/2008:

Any unfair and / or offensive sexual behavior without a premission which affects the dignity of the person affected by it and despite a clear indication that this behavior is unwelcome.


The policy is in force from August 30, 2013