Environmental Policy

To ensure good environmental performance, we:

  • respect the environment and use assets and resources efficiently and responsibly
  • take due account of environmental considerations in our day-to-day activities and strive to continually improve our environmental processes
  • meet environmental legal requirements and work systematically on important environmental aspects of our operations.

Policy aims

Distribution of products

We are committed to reduce the greenhouse gas footprint of ÁTVR’s transportation by developing new solutions in partnership with distributors, and by improving our own organisational structures and distribution.

Improved waste management

We place emphasis on reduce waste from our activities through improved waste management and recycling.

Eco-friendly purchasing

We are committed to eco-friendly purchasing and to reducing the use of disposable products.


We aim to reduce the use of packaging in product distribution by offering our customers more eco-friendly solutions.

Operation of premises

The design, maintenance and operation of our premises are influenced by eco-friendly principles.

Product range

We strive to offer goods producted in harmony with the society and the environment and to educate our customers about such products.

This Environmental Policy replaces the previous environmental policy approved by the Chief Executive Officer of ÁTVR on 24 March 2006.

23 December 2011