Sleppa valmynd og fara beint í meginmál

Environmental and climate policy

ÁTVR aims to set an example regarding climate change issues by systematically reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from its operations as well as the effects of the emissions.

By 2030, ÁTVR will have reduced direct GHG emissions by a total of 40% compared to 2016. ÁTVR primarily focuses on reducing operational emissions. However, since 2012, ÁTVR has also offset all direct carbon emissions and carbon emissions from all air transport.

This policy takes into account the Icelandic government’s obligations towards the Paris Agreement, as well as the Climate Declaration of Festa and the City of Reykjavík on reduction of GHG emissions.

The policy covers transport by ÁTVR, energy consumption, waste generation and environmental education. The policy covers all ÁTVR’s operations, buildings, and other constructions.


ÁTVR’s policy is guided by sustainable development and protection of the environment. To ensure good performance:

  • we respect the environment, limit waste, and use resources responsibly
  • we intend to take environmental and climate issues into account in our day-to-day operations and work towards improvements
  • we will meet the legal requirements on environmental and climate issues and work systematically on implementing important environmental solutions.



Product distribution

We focus on systematically reducing GHG emissions and minimizing carbon footprints. We will work on solutions with distributors and at the same time put emphasis on improving the organization of purchasing and product distribution.



We will focus on reducing waste and at the same time increase recycling in our operations by improving sorting and returning. We want to strengthen and support the circular economy. We also want to reduce customers’ use of packaging by offering more environmentally friendly solutions.


Eco-friendly shopping

We focus on environmentally friendly purchasing and reducing the use of disposable products.



We emphasize environmentally friendly methods in transport, minimizing driving and switching to eco-friendly solutions in the renewal of our car fleet. We also emphasize increasing teleconferencing opportunities to reduce emissions. Employees receive education about environmental issues and are encouraged to adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle, e.g., through transport contracts and access to charging stations whenever possible.


Facility management

In the operation, design, and maintenance of ÁTVR’s buildings, environmentally friendly solutions are emphasized.


Product selection

We strive to offer products that are manufactured in harmony with society and the environment, and we also educate our customers about those products.



ÁTVR uses Green accounting and sets goals for the most important environmental aspects. ÁTVR’s climate policy is reviewed each year by the Environmental Steering Committee and the main and sub-objectives are updated with regard to developments in GHG emissions between years. The policy is approved by the Executive Board and information on the results is published on ÁTVR’s website and in ÁTVR’s annual and sustainability report.


Effective from January 1, 2022