Sleppa valmynd og fara beint í meginmál

Don't be a pig, drink responsibly


Láttu ekki vín breyta þér í svín - piss 

The campaign „Don‘t be a pig“ has been very well received. The goal of the ad  is to focus on negative aspects of excessive consumption of alcohol.  It’s pointed out that when people drink excessively they sometimes behave in a way they wouldn‘t when they are sober.  

The ads are designed to appeal effectively to those who are tired of drunk and disorderly behaviour as well as to raise awareness among those responsible for that kind of behaviour. They are meant to raise awareness and encourage people to reflect upon responsible consumption of alcohol as well as think of their own behaviour after alcoholic consumption.  

Láttu ekki vín breyta þér í svín - lögga

Láttu ekki vín breyta þér í svín - flaska