Sleppa valmynd og fara beint í meginmál

We now scan ID


An important part of Vínbúðin's social responsibility is to ensure that customers have reached the age of 20, and the staff is therefore trained to ask the youngest customers for ID. In collaboration with Stafrænt Ísland and the National Police Commissioner, a solution has been developed to scan electronic driver's licenses. Of course, it is still possible to use other traditional IDs or passports.

Customers may be asked to update their electronic ID, and each barcode is only valid for a short time. You can get an electronic driver's license from Stafrænt Ísland and put it in the „wallet“ on your phone.

Vínbúðin encourages young customers to show ID without being asked, since it really speeds up service. Generally, customers are understanding and happy to show ID when asked, and it's interesting to think about how you react when we ask you for ID?