Sleppa valmynd og fara beint í meginmál

Vínbúðin an exemplary organization


The results of the Public Organization of the Year 2022 survey were announced yesterday, on February 17th. The public organizations of the year are three, in different categories according to size, but in addition, exemplary organizations received recognition.

The title Exemplary organization is awarded to those institutions that excel in the opinion of their employees, and Vínbúðin is now in the seccond place in the category of large organizations.

The motive of choosing exemplary organizations is to encourage managers to focus on their human resources as well as to increase the discussion of the working environment and well-being of workers. The survey is one of the country's largest labour market surveys. Participants are asked about nine aspects of the working environment ie. credibility of management, morale, wages, working conditions, job flexibility, independence at work, organizational image, happiness and pride and equality. The survey provides important information on the position of workers in the labour market.

We are pleased with this excellent achievement and are proud of the title Exemplary Institute 2022.

In the picture above you can see proud and happy ÁTVR staff with the award.