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Product recall


ÁTVR recalls the product Sóló Sumarbjór, which is a beer, in a 330 ml aluminum can. The product‘s packaging can swell out if the product is not stored in the refrigerator and explode with the associated risk of accident.

The recall is only for product with the best before the date: 22/10/2022. The product has already been removed from Vínbúðin stores. Those who own this product, with the aforementioned best before date, are asked to discard it or return it to the nearest Vínbúð for a refund. If the product's packaging is swollen, it is advisable to open the packaging with the utmost care.

The product manufacturer and guarantor is: Og natura / Íslensk hollusta ehf, Hólshraun 5, 220 Hafnarfjörður
Barcode: On aluminum can: 5694230446667.
The product has been offered for sale in ÁTVR
For further information, please contact Gunnþórunn Einarsdóttir, Specialist in the Products Division, tel. 611-2764 and