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Pricing in Vínbúðin


Pricing in Vínbúðin

ÁTVR's pricing of products in Vínbúðin is determined by laws approved by Parliament, as well as by regulations issued by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs. The law states that the markup of ÁTVR shall be based on the percentage of alcohol; 18% on alcohol with a 22% or lower percentage of alcohol and 12% if the percentage of alcohol is higher than 22%.

The markup is thus bound by law and is placed on top of the purchase price from suppliers. Suppliers are free to decide at which price they sell their products to ÁTVR. Suppliers can change prices monthly, and the price change generally takes effect on the 1st of the following month. Alcohol tax collected by the state, which varies according to strength and type of the product, is statutory and determined by Alþingi. Alcohol tax is levied when importing goods and is part of the purchase price from suppliers.

An example of the relative distribution of the sales price of several types:



The final selling price in Vínbúðin stores, therefore,  consists of the purchase price, which includes the alcohol tax, statutory markup and value added tax.

ÁTVR therefore does not make any decisions about the price of individual products, but enforces the laws and regulations that apply to the sale of alcohol.