Sleppa valmynd og fara beint í meginmál

Christmas beer available from 2. November


The sale of Christmas beere and others Christmas products will start in Vínbúðin on Thursday, November 2nd. Seasonal products are usually eagerly awaited, especially the Christmas products. Around 120 Christmas products are expected be available this year.

In the Vínbúðin Web shop, a list of the products that are scheduled to be available can be found.  The list is constantly changing until the November 2nd, as the registration of products is still ongoing. On that date it will be possible to access information on in which Vínbúðin store each product is available by clicking on the product name. It will also be possible to get most of the Christmas products in the Web shop and have them sent to the Vínbúðin store that is nearest to you, free of shipping costs. The selection is therefore the same throughout the country.