Sleppa valmynd og fara beint í meginmál

Alcohol and tobacco sales 2021


A total of 26,386 thousand liters of alcohol were sold in Vínbúðin in 2021. In comparison, 26,810 thousand liters were sold in 2020, with overall sales decreasing by 1.6% between years. Sales declined in most categories. Sales in two categories increased between years; sparkling wine / champagne which increased by 17% and mixed drinks which increased by 22% between years.

Most liters were sold on the Wednesday before Easter; a total of 321 thousand liters. The biggest sales week of the year was the week before the commerce day weekend, when about 815 thousand liters were sold.



In the year 2021, Vínbúðin had 5,517 thousand customers, slightly fewer than the 5,549 thousand the year before.

The busiest day in Vínbúðin was Wednesday 31 March, with almost 44 thousand customers . Next comes December 30th with almost 42 thousand customers.



There was a sharp decline in sales of all categories of tobacco, but it‘s important to note that sales increased in all the categories except snuff in 2020. Sales of snuff continue to decline and are now 16.5 tonnes or 35% lower than in 2020. In comparison, sales in 2019 were 46 tonnes.