Sleppa valmynd og fara beint í meginmál


Bad weather report


Due to bad weather report some Vínbúðin stores might not open as scheduled. We thank you for your understanding.

Two more reusable bags


Now we have two more reusable bags for our customers to choose from. By offering wide range of reusable bags we encourage people to stop using plastic bags.

Christmas beer and new store in Akranes


Now the Christmas beer is awailable in all stores, but many have been waiting for it with a lot of excitement. Here you can find is a list of the selection of Christmas beer and other

Store improvements in Hvammstangi


Töluverðar breytingar hafa nú verið gerðar á Vínbúðinni Hvammstanga. Búðarrýmið var stækkað umtalsvert auk þess sem vöruvalið var nánast tvöfaldað.

Christmas beer 2019


Every year there is a lot of excitement for the Christmas beer to be available at Vínbúðin, which will be on Thursday, November 14th. Here is a list of the selection of Christmas beer and other Christmas products expected to be available Vínbúðin this year, but the list may change slightly. Availability of products varies, but most of the products can also be purchased in the Web Store and sent to the Vínbúð of your choice.

Renovations in Patreksfjörður


Vínbúðin in Patreksfjörður has now been renovated, but the shop has been expanded considerably and the interiors have been renewed. We welcome customers to an even better Shop.

Webshop interruptions


Due to an update on the web, the webshop will be unawailable between 11am. 22 and 23 tonight. We apologize for any inconvenience.

A future without plastic


Vínbúðin has for several years now encouraged customers to reduce the use of plastic bags by offering a wide range of multi-use bags at affordable prices. In 2018, around 29% of customers bought plastic bags and the sales of plastic bags have declined considerably in recent years.

New location of Vínbúðin in Selfoss


Vinbudin in Selfoss has now moved to new location at Larsenstræti 3. The store is now bigger and brighter with a significantly bigger walk-in cooler. The new store is very accessible and has plenty of parking spaces.

Closed on Commerce Day


Due to Commerce Day all stores will be closed on monday, August 5th. The weekend before Commerce Day is usually one of the most busy weekends of the year and most of our customers are shopping between 16:00 and 18:00. So for those who want to avoid long lines, it's good to be timely.