Sleppa valmynd og fara beint í meginmál


Closed on the First Day of Summer


Vínbúðin stores are closed on Thursday, April 25th, the First Day of Summer. Wednesday, April 24th, opening hours are the same as on Fridays

Opening hours for the Easter 2019


All Vínbúðin stores will be closed on Maundy Thursday (April 18th), Good Friday (April 19th) and Easter Monday (April 22nd).

Open again in Skeifan


Vínbúðin Skeifan has now open again after renovations. The cooler is now larger and the store has gotten a total makeover. Employees facilities has also been improved considerably.

ÁTVR makes an agreement with the Wetlands Fund


ÁTVR has decided to carbon offset all international and domestic flights of its employees for 2018 and has made an agreement with the Wetlands Fund (Votlendissjóðurinn).

Vínbúðin wins customer satisfaction awards


Vínbúðin received the highest score of all retail stores in Íslenska ánægjuvogin (Icelandic Customer Satisfaction Committee).

ÁTVR receives formal equal pay certification


Last year, ÁTVR received a formal equal pay certification and a permit to use the Equal Pay Label 2018-2021. The main objective of equal pay certification is to combat gender-based wage differentials and promote gender equality within the work force. This is therefore an important confirmation that the procedure for deciding wages at ÁTVR is based on objective considerations and does not involve gender-based discrimination.

"Þorri" seasonal bears 2019


Þorri (the fourth winter month, from mid January to mid February, in the old Icelandic calendar) starts this Friday, January 19th and the Þorri seasonal beer will be available in Vínbúðin stores from January 18th (Thursday)..

We open again in Dalvegur after renovations


Vínbúðin in Dalvegur is now open again after renovations. Several changes has been made, but the Cooler was expanded and Other beers, cider and sodas is now in delimited space. Stock area in the back has also been expanded and all staff facilities has been improved.

Renovations in Skeifan


Vínbúðin in Skeifan will be closed for renovation from Monday, January 14th and will open again in March.

Alcohol and tobacco sales in 2018 and development of sales in recent years


Just under 22 million liters of alcohol were sold in Vínbúðin stores in 2018. This is a 0.54% increase since 2017 and the largest amount sold in one year so far.