Sleppa valmynd og fara beint í meginmál


Closed on Ascension Day


All stores will be closed on the Ascension Day on Thursday 21 May. On Wednesday, May 20th, most our Vínbúðin stores will open as on Fridays. All stores in the capital area will therefore be open from 11-19, but our stores at Dalvegur, Skeifa and Skútuvogur are open from 9-20.

Summer beer


The seasonal Summer-beer is now available in all Vínbúðin stores. In our webshop you can see the availability of Summer-beer each time. These seasonal beers will be for sale until August 31st 2020.

All Vínbúðin stores closed on May 1st


All Vínbúðin stores are closed on Friday, May 1st. On Thursday (April 30) most * Vínbúðin stores will have the same opening hours as on Fridays. All the Vínbúðin stores in the Capital area will, therefore, be open until 7 PM, except Skútuvogur, Dalvegur and Skeifa, which will be open until 8 PM.

The Easter sale 2020


The sale in Vínbúðin stores during the Easter week (from April 6th to April 11th) was around 621 thousand liters this year. Last year the sale was 526 thousand liters, which means an increase of 18% between years. ...

Shop early for the Easter


All Vínbúðin stores will be closed on Maundy Thursday (April 8th), Good Friday (April 9th), Easter Sunday (April 12th) and Easter Monday (April 13nd). We advice our customers to avoid rush hours and shop timely for the Easter. It's best to shop early in the week or early in the day..

Avoid Rush Hours


Most Vínbúðin customers prefer to shop on Friday and Saturday afternoons. Customers are encouraged to choose a quieter time to shop in Vínbúðin stores if they possibly can, ie. in the mornings and beginning of the week

Easter beer 2020


Easter seasonal beer is now available at Vínbúðin. There are 17 types of easter beer this year and they will be for sale until April 11th, or while supplies last.

All Vínbúðin stores are open today


The strike has been cancelled and all Vínbúðin stores are open today as usual.

Stores might be closed due to a possible strike


Due to a possible strike Vínbúðin stores might be closed on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th of March. For further information visit

Product range in web store expanded


The product range has been greatly expanded in the Web Store, so customers are now able to access nearly all the products available in Vínbúðin store...