Sleppa valmynd og fara beint í meginmál


Vínbúðin closed on Saturday


All Vínbúðin stores are closed on Iceland's National Day, Saturday June 17th.

Closed on Whit Monday


All stores will be closed on Whit Monday, May 29th. Opening hours can be viewed here.

Limited functionality


There have been attacks on Icelandic websites, and this has affected among other our webside We are working on it with the hope that they will be fixed as soon as possible.

Summer products


Seasonal products usually interest many of Vínbúðin‘ customers and they are eagerly awaited. Now the sales period for summer products has started and will last until August 31. Almost 80 summer products are expected to be available in Vínbúðin stores this season, most of them are beer but a few other types of products can be found in the mix as well. Enjoy!

Stores closed on First day of summer


All Vínbúðin stores will be closed on the first day of summer, Thursday April 20th. Opening hours on Wednesday, April 19th, will be the same as on Fridays in most Vínbúðin stores.

Easter beer has arrived


Easter beer has arrived in Vínbúðin stores, with around 35 types on sale this year. Seasonal products are available for a limited time and Easter beer will be sold until April 8th.

Vínbúðin an exemplary organization


The results of the Public Organization of the Year 2022 survey were announced yesterday, on February 17th. The public organizations of the year are three, in different categories according to size, but in addition, exemplary organizations received recognition.

Þorri seasonal beer 2023


This Friday, January 20th, marks the beginning of the traditional Icelandic season Þorri. During that time it is custom to get together and eat traditional food, such as meats pickled in sour whey. Usually it is enjoyed with Þorri beer or Brennivín.

Happy new year!


Vinbudin wishes everyone a happy new year. You can find information regarding opening hours on this page but we encourage customers to pay attention to announcements in case of disruptions to opening hours due to weather or lack of transport. In the capital area, our stores will be open on December 31st. from 9-14, but the Webstore picup is closed.

Reyðarfjörður is closed due to a power outage


Reyðarfjörður is closed due to a power outage today, Thursday, December 29, but according to information from Rarik, it will last all day