Sleppa valmynd og fara beint í meginmál


Over 7 million isk to the Treasury


Regarding recent debate in the media ÁTVR wants to clarify few facts. Since ÁTVR was established it has been operating with profit. Usually the profit is paid directly to the Icelandic Treasury. Below you can see a table of annual profit over the last six years and the corresponding payments to the Treasury.

Sale period for "Þorrabjór"


The sale period for Þorrabjór (seasonal beer named after the fourth winter month in the traditional Icelandic calendar) begins Thursday, January 21.,

Inventory jan. 4th.


Due to inventory some stores will be closed today

Happy holidays!


In the Capital area Vínbúðin is open on December 30 from 10 to 20 and 10-14 on New Year's Eve . All stores are closed on Friday, January 1, but open as usual on Saturday

December issue of Vínblaðið


The December issue of Vínblaðið (The wine magazine) is full of exciting articles. In this Holiday issue the focus is on fine food and the wine that goes well with it; we have recipes for decadent desserts and helpful hints for pairing dessert wine with it, as well as recipes for gooseliver paté and sauces made from scratch. T

Power restored in Akureyri


The power has been restored in Vínbúðin Akureyri and the store will open at 2:30 pm.

Vínbúðin Akureyri closed


Vínbúðin Akureyri is temporarily closed due to power failure. An update will be posted when the store has been opened.

Closed due to blissard


According to the weather forecast there will be hurricane force winds throughout the country this afternoon. Therefore Vínbúðin in the capital and surrounding areas will be closed at 4 pm today. In some parts of the country stores will possibly be closed with short notice, but we will update the following list as necessary...

Now in Spöngin


Now we have opened the 50th store in Spöngin, in a bright and open space. Facilities are all exemplary, both for customers and staff. A defined cooling area is for the beer and in all design we emphasized on work benefits for employees.

A declaration of action


ÁTVR recently signed a declaration to take action on climate change along with 103 other icelandic companies and organizations. The goal with the declaration is to reduce greenhouse gas emission and waste.