Opening hours for the holidays 2018


The opening hours  of Vínbúðin for the holidays can be accessed by clicking „OPENING HOURS“ here above and selecting a Vínbúð. Change from the usual opening hours is in red print.

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Christmas beer 2018


Every year there is a lot of excitement for the Christmas beer to be available at Vínbúðin, which will be on Thursday, November 15th. Here is a list of the selection of Christmas beer and other Christmas products expected to be avilible in Vínbúðin this year, but the list may change slightly.

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Payment with a debet card now accepted in the Web store


In the product catalog here at you can find all the products that are available for sale in Vínbúðin at any time. Most of the products are available in the Web Store, and now payment by debit card is also accepted.

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Event calculator


It can be difficult to determine the correct amount of wine to buy for weddings, graduations, birthday parties and other events, and in those instances the event calculator can be very helpful. The calculations are based on our wine advisors‘ many years of experience, and are only to be used as a guideline. Many variants should be taken into account when assessing the correct amount to buy for your event; weather, timing, guest composition, lenght of time alchohol will be served for et cetera. It's easy to return unopened and undamaged bottles, just remember to keep the receipt. If you need assistance choosing what to serve at your event, feel free to contact our wine experts in Vínbúðin Heiðrún, Stuðlahálsi 2 or with an email

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Commerce Day


Due to Commerce Day all stores will be closed on monday, August 6th. The weekend before Commerce Day is usually one of the most busy weekends over the year so for those who want to avoid long queues, it's good to be timely.

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For the beer enthusiast


Interest in different types of beers has increased considerably recently, and the selection of beer in Vínbúðin has grown along with it. Small beer factories have opened both in Iceland and abroad and the selection of Icelandic beer has grown significantly in recent years.

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Normal Friday opening hours today


Due to the game the Icelandic national football team is playing today in the World cup some companies are closing their doors early. All Vínbúðin stores will, however, remain OPEN as normally today.

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Stella Artois recall


Vínnes ehf. has, in consultation with the Reykjavik Health Authority, recalled 330 ml glass bottles of Stella Artois beer. This is done as a precaution since there is danger that it may contain glass particles. The recall is for units expiring December 6 2018 and March 7 2019, and were purchased in Vínbúðin stores or the Duty free store at Keflavik airport.

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Vinbudin Exemplary Institute 2018


The results of the Public Organization of the Year 2018 survey were announced at a ceremony at the Hilton Nordica on May 9th. The public organizations of the year are three, in different categories according to size, but in addition, exemplary organizations received recognition...

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Vínbúðin Skútuvogur reopened


An improved Vínbúðin Skútuvogur has now been reopened. Vínbúðin has been expanded considerably and the beer cooler is expanded by half. We welcome customers to að bigger and brighter Vínbúð in Skútuvogur.

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