Christmas beer 2017 in stores


Sale on christmas beer and other christmas products started on November 15th. In the product overwiew you can find a list of all available products. If you view a product you can easily see in which stores its available each time. Also you can buy most products in our web-shop and have it sent to the nearest store to you.

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We raise the price on plastic bags


From September 1st our plastic bags will cost 30 isk. The raise of 10 isk will go straight to the foundation Pokasjóður for nature preserve. Choose multiple bags and aim to bee free of plastic bags!

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Vinbudin has created a number of delicious recipies in cooperation with a fine selection of restaurants and chefs..

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Closed on Saturday, June 17


The National Holiday of Iceland is celebrated on Saturday 17th June. All Vínbúðin stores will be closed that day.

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ATVR an exemplary organization


The results of the Public Organization of the Year 2017 survey were announced at a ceremony at the Hilton Nordica on May 10th. The public organizations of the year are three, but in addition, five exemplary organizations received recognition, among them Vínbúðin, which had the honour of being in fourth place this year.

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Rosé in the summer


When the weather gets warmer we enjoy to learn about the rosé. In May and June our focus is on those summer wines and you will get information and food recipes that are suitable for rosé wine here in our web.

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All stores are closed May 1st.


All stores will be closed on Monday May 1st.

We would also like to point out: due to systems update, the web shop will be closed from Friday 28 April at 14:00 until Monday (May 1st). There may also be interruptions to other services such as Information about product availability etc. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Looking for a job?


We are looking for people in a full-time job in our stores and distribution

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Vínbúðin wins awards for customer satisfaction


Today the results in Íslenska ánægjuvogin (The Icelandic Customer Satisfaction Comittee 2016) were presented.

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“Þorri” seasonal beers in Vínbúðin January 19th


Seasonal beers are becoming ever more popular and have have undoubtedly paved the way for the so-called craft beers. Breweries have embraced this popularity which is a cause for joy for beer enthusiasts, who can now wait in anticipation of what seasonal beers the breweries offer at Easter, in the summer, around Oktoberfest, Christmas and at þorrinn.

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