Sleppa valmynd og fara beint í meginmál


"Þorri" seasonal bears 2022


"Þorri" is the fourth winter month, from mid January to mid February, in the old Icelandic calendar and producers regulary make special beers celebrating this season. Þorri seasonal beer will be available in Vínbúðin stores from January 13th (Thursday).

Alcohol and tobacco sales 2021


A total of 26,386 thousand liters of alcohol were sold in Vínbúðin in 2021. In comparison, 26,810 thousand liters were sold in 2020, with overall sales decreasing by 1.6% between years. Sales declined in most categories. Sales in two categories increased between years; sparkling wine / champagne which increased by 17% and mixed drinks which increased by 22% between years.

Increased product range in Heiðrún


Demand for rare types of wine is generally high before Christmas and New Years Eve, so in an effort to meet customers' wishes, 100 types of wine and fortified wine have now been added to the product range at Vínbúðin Heiðrún.

Recall of Tuborg julebryg


Ölgerðin has decided to recall Tuborg Julebryg in 330 ml glass bottles, since a piece of glass has been found in such a bottle. The incident is now being investigated within Ölgerðin, but until a conclusion is reached, it has been decided to recall bottles with the production dates "November 18th 2021" and "November 19th 2021" and with the best before dates 18.08.22 and 19.08.22

Do your holiday shopping in time


A very busy time is ahead in Vínbúðin stores, so it‘s a good idea to do the holiday shopping early to avoid the queues. Customers are encouraged to view the opening hours during the holidays and choose a quieter time to shop if they can, f.ex. early in the day and early in the week....

Use Masks


From November 6th customers need to wear masks when shopping at Vínbúðin. We also encourage people to respect distance as much as possible. It‘s also wise to choose a quieter time to shop in Vínbúðin, sush as early in the day or the week.

Christmas beer available on November 4th


There is a lot of excitement each year for the selection of Christmas beer and this year it will be available in Vínbúðin stores from November 4th, along with other Christmas products.

Renovations in Heiðrún


Because of renovations, Vínbúðin Heiðrún will be temperarily closed Monday and Thuesday (October 25th and 26th). Wil will open again on Wednesday October 27th.

Renovations in Heiðrún


Because of renovations, Vínbúðin Heiðrún will be temperarily closed Monday and Thuesday (September 27th and 28th). Wil will open again on Wednesday September 29th. We are sorry for any inconvenience, but point out the nearest shops in Spöng, Mjódd and Kringla. Shops with longer opening hours are on Dalvegur, in Skeifa and Skútuvogur, where it is open from 10-20. We also ponint out that there is a wider range of products in Skútuvogur and Kringla.

Sales of October beer begins


Despite the cancellation of Oktoberfest in Munich this year due to the global pandemic, sales of October beer in Vínbúðin stores will begin on Thursday September 16th and the sales period will last until October 31st.