Sleppa valmynd og fara beint í meginmál


Shop early for Easter


All Vínbúðin stores will be closed on Holy Thursday (April 1st), Good Friday (April 2nd), Easter Sunday (April 4th) and Easter Monday (April 5th).

Holiday opening hours


In the capital area normal opening hours apply on Monday December 28th and Tuesday December 29th. Wednesday December 30th the stores in the capital area are open from 10-20 and from 9-14 on New Year's Eve.

Number of customers in Vínbúðin stores


Alcohol is defined by law as food and therefore the recommendations for grocery stores apply to Vínbúðin stores. After the last change in regulations was made, the largest Vínbúðin stores have generally limited the number of customers to 35 and the smaller stores to even fewer at at time.

Vínbúðin Skútuvogur has been reopened


- This message has been updated-
Yesterday, a Covid-19 infection was confirmed within our group of employees in Vínbúðin Skútuvogur. Vínbúðin has be cleaned and disinfected today and has been reopened. Staff from other Vínbúðin stores and part of the staff from Skútuvogur will be on duty there for the next few days.We thank our customers for their understanding.

Protect yourself and others- wear masks


We encourage customers to wear masks when shopping at Vínbúðin and to respect the distance as much as possible. It‘s also wise to choose a quieter time to shop in Vínbúðin, sush as early in the day or the week. The number of possible transmission routes can be reduced by using non-contact payments instead of using cash and by not handling products unnecessarily.

The entire product range in Heiðrún


Vínbúðin Heiðrún now has the entire product range that Vínbúðin has to offer. The selection of beers has been increased considerably and now there is a special cooler for so-called specialty beers. Vínbúðin in Skútuvogur has also had a large selection of beers, but not all brands are available there at the moment.

New feature


Now it‘s possible to view what products are soon to be added to the Web store, a feature which many customers find both interesting and helpful. These products can be seen among the others in the Web store and are specially marked, but the list can also be narrowed by selecting the „coming soon“ icon in the product search.

Available product units


Now the units available for each product are visible in the Vínbúðin Web store. This makes it easier to choose the most convenient package size to buy when shopping in the Web store...

Be timely!


Due to Commerce Day all stores will be closed on monday, August 5th. The weekend before Commerce Day is usually one of the most busy weekends of the year and most of our customers are shopping between 16:00 and 18:00. So for those who want to avoid long lines, it's good to be timely.

Vínbúðin Þórshöfn moves


Vínbúðin in Þórshöfn has now been moved into new and better housing on Langanesvegur 2. The store is now considerably larger and brighter with excellent access, and the product selection has also been increased.