Sleppa valmynd og fara beint í meginmál


Renovations in Heiðrún


Because of renovations, Vínbúðin Heiðrún will be temperarily closed monday and thuesday (September 27th and 28th). Wil will open again on wednesday September 29th. We are sorry for any inconvenience, but point out the nearest shops in Spöng, Mjódd and Kringla. Shops with longer opening hours are on Dalvegur, in Skeifa and Skútuvogur, where it is open from 10-20. We also ponint out that there is a wider range of products in Skútuvogur and Kringla.

Eiðistorg reopens


Vínbúðin Eiðistorgi has now been reopened after thorough renovations. The store has been expanded considerably and the beer is now in a walk-in cooler. The product selection has also been increased considerably and a lot has been done to make the customer experience as good as possible.

Renovations in Eiðistorg


Vínbúðin Eiðistorg will be closed due to renovations from Monday September 6th until Tuesday September 14th. Customers are directed to the Vínbúðin stores in Austurstræti and Kringlan, as well as the stores with longer opening hours in Skeifan and Skútuvogur.

Long line ahead!


Due to Commerce Day all Vínbúðin stores will be closed on monday, August 2nd. The week before Commerce Day is the most busy time of the year at Vínbúðin and most customers shop between 16:00 and 18:00. The best way to skip ahead is to show up at the early part of the week, early in the day!

No more disposable bags


New government rules banning the sale of disposable bags at checkouts will take effect July 1st. This applies to all disposable bags, including biodegradable ones.

Urgent recall of beer


ÁTVR is recalling the product The Brothers Brewery Sigla Humlafley Session IPA, which is a beer in a 330 ml aluminum can, since the product's packaging can swell and explode. The recall is only for cans with the best before date: 18.08.21.

A new Vínbúðin store by Lake Mývatn


A new Vínbúðin store has been opened by Lake Mývatn at Hraunvegur 8. The opening hours are Mondays-Thursdays 16-18, Fridays 13-18 and is closed on Saturdays. Welcome!

Press release from ÁTVR


Recently, online stores have opened in Iceland that sell alcohol in retail directly to consumers. These activities are directed against the exclusive right of ÁTVR (The State Alcohol and Tobacco Company of Iceland) to the retail sale of alcohol, which has been one of the cornerstones of Icelandic alcohol policy.

Closed on Ascension Day


All stores will be closed on the Ascension Day on Thursday 13 May. On Wednesday, May 12th, most our Vínbúðin stores will open as on Fridays. All stores in the capital area will therefore be open from 11-19, but our stores at Dalvegur, Skeifa and Skútuvogur are open from 10-20...

Closed on May 1st


Vinbudin stores are closed on Saturday, May 1st, for a public holiday, Labor day. 

Here you will find more detailed information regarding our opening hours.