Rosé and food

It's one of those summer days when the sun shines and people get out on their porches or yards; Some turn on the grill, while others make a delicious salad. What's better than enjoying the lovely food with  some chilled rosé? Rosé is fresh, and therefore well suited for the summer heat, and it‘s also a very good wine to pair with food.

Light dishes are the first that spring to mind; for example fish and salads with  rocket salad, red onion and even beetroot. Rosé is especially suitable for various vegetables that can be difficult to pair with wine. Meat platters with ham, tasty sausages and cheeses of various types and other deilicacies are well-suited with dry and fresh rosé wine. Rosé wine also goes well with hot food, such as Thai or Chinese as well as with sushi. Various kinds of fish, especially grilled salmon, are very suitable for rosé wine. Rosé with fresh acidity is especially tasty paired with ceviche, a raw fish "cooked" in citrus juice.

You can also be adventurous and try dry and fresh rosé with barbecued lamb or pork. Rosé is of course also very delicious enjoyed on it‘s own. 

Berglind Helgadóttir
wine expert


Berglind Helgadóttir vínráðgjafi
Berglind Helgadóttir