Vínbúðin wins awards for customer satisfaction


Today the results in Íslenska ánægjuvogin (The Icelandic Customer Satisfaction Comittee 2016) were presented.

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“Þorri” seasonal beers in Vínbúðin January 19th


Seasonal beers are becoming ever more popular and have have undoubtedly paved the way for the so-called craft beers. Breweries have embraced this popularity which is a cause for joy for beer enthusiasts, who can now wait in anticipation of what seasonal beers the breweries offer at Easter, in the summer, around Oktoberfest, Christmas and at þorrinn.

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Vínbúðin Flúðir opens after renovations


Vínbúðin at Flúðir has been renovated and expanded considerably. Major changes were made in the store; fixtures were replaced along with the flooring, lighting and more. The store has now opened after the renovations and we welcome customers to a new and improved Vínbúðin in Flúðir!

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Choose reusable


Our customers can choose between several types of multi-purpose bags instead of disposable plastic bags.

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Happy new year!


In the Capital area Vínbúðin is open on December 30 from 10 to 20 and 10-14 on New Year's Eve.

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We have moved within Smáralind


Our store in Smáralind has now moved within the mall, but a lot of changes has been made on the area where Vínbúðin is. In the new store we have chilled room for the beer as in other larger stores.

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The store in Smáralind will be closed today


The store in Smáralind will be closed today, December 12th. The store will be opened tomorrow, December 13th, at another location next to the new entrance on the first floor. We appreciate your patience and look forward to welcoming you to the new store.

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Seasonal Christmas beer 2016


The seasonal Christmas beer will arrive in Vínbúðin on the 15th of November. From that date the product search can be used to locate the store in which each seasonal beer can be found. In some cases products come in a very limited quantity and can only b

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Womens day off


After 14:38 today (monday Okt.24) its possible that some stores will be closed due to "The womens day off" because of the fight of equal salary for women and men in Iceland.

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Three weeks. Up to seven million people. Five hundred thousand chickens, one hundred twenty-five thousand sausages and last but not least, eight million liters of beer.

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