Beer categories

Vínbúðin has classified 6 categories of beer, each with its own characteristics and it is interesting to see what types of beer fall under the same category. With each category we have illustrative symbols that indicate how to match beer and food although of course everybody has a different taste.

C I M K D P 2
Hint: Softness: Alcohol %: Bitterness:

Light lager is the most common type of beer. The beer is usually light or golden in color and most types have a mild taste. The alcohol content in a light lager usually from 4.5% to 5.6%. The taste of lager is characterized by a low bitterness but in some types the bitter taste is more decisive. In this category you can also find medium dark „classic“ beers.

D G K M R 2
Hint: Softness: Alcohol %: Bitterness:

Dark lager has more filling in the flavour the light lager mostly because the grain has been toasted. Most Christmas beers belong in this category, as they are often spicy and slightly sweet. The Christmas beers however have higher alcohol percentage then is common in this category.

R J C F G H T 2
Hint: Softness: Alcohol %: Bitterness:

Ale is brewed with a warm fermentation. This method gives the beer a different sweetness in taste depending on how high percentage of barley is used when brewing and also depends on what type of yeast is used. British and Belgians have a rich tradition in brewing this kind and have hundreds of different types of ale.

Hint: Softness: Alcohol %: Bitterness:

Stout and porter are very dark beers, where the malt is very toasted. They usually have a strong grid flavors and liquorice or coffee tones. Stouts and porter span a wide range, from Irish everyday beer to more powerful tasting types with higher alcoholic percentage.

B C 4 D G L I
Hint: Softness: Alcohol %: Bitterness:

Wheat beer is brewed from a corn flour in mixture with other cereals. The wheat beer comes mostly from Belgium and Germany. The Belgian style is light with a hint of lemon and banana, however wheat beer from Germany has at least 50 % wheat content and can be either light or dark and is heavier than the Belgian wheat beer..

Hint: Softness: Alcohol %: Bitterness:

The category Fruit beer and flavoured beer is a collection of different types of beer with the common feature of having a dominant taste of fruits or spices. These types of beer tend to have little bitterness and fruit beer can be very fresh and acidic.